About PDK

Prestige Development Karate means…

to always seek to develop ourselves, in both karate and in life.

PDK Dojo is owned and operated by Sensei Ricky Rigor. Ricky and his team train in Seven Hills and North Ryde (Sydney).

The team at PDK take pride in helping students, athletes and beginners from all walks of life to achieve their personal goals - whether it is learning and mastering a new skill, competing in tournaments or improving physical and mental coordination.



  • Powerful traditional style originated from Japan

  • Divided into 3 parts: kihon (basics), kata (forms) and kumite (sparring)

  • Characterized by stability, powerful movements and strong legs

  • Develops anaerobic and aerobic fitness, powerful techniques, flexibility, speed and many more.

  • Extremely fast and dynamic, while developing artistry

  • Belt certificates are recognised by the NSW Karate Federation, Australian Karate Federation, and World Karate Federation


  • Syllabus and techniques mirrors the Japan Karate Association guidelines and principles

  • Mixed with Kase-Ha Style Shotokan principles (Self defence approach to learning Karate)


  • Following the teachings of Sensei Con Kassis (8th Dan WSKF) who is a direct student of the 2nd Soke (Keeper of the style) Kenei Mabuni.

  • Affiliation to the direct lineage of the Founder of the Shito Ryu style - Kenwa Mabuni - World Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation (WSKF)