Karate keeps us connected

Recently I had the honour of reconnecting with one of my original Senseis after more than 15 years. Despite last seeing him when I was a teenager, we connected again like no time had passed. Sir Alwyn instilled in me mental skills and a work ethic that I have used throughout my life. I would not be who I am or where I am without him.


It’s hard to truly realise the benefits of practicing karate when you don’t have a finish line. Perfection isn’t something we can attain, but we seek perfection always mindful that our goal is high and never fully realised. But, for those of you practicing karate and thinking about quitting, those of you just starting out or those who just turn up for the community, fitness and friendships, I have made it my mission to support you in your journeys.

You may never truly realise the benefits of practicing Karate until you reflect many years later in life. Maybe you’ll realise that it was through Karate that you established enduring relationships, developed compassion, or developed good life habits that have shaped who you are and who you continue to become.

My mission, through PDK, is to help members recognise all those accomplishments beyond the belts and gradings and to see those benefits and habits that were achieved through practicing this art and persisting.  


#timetoreflect #karateislife #dojokun

Ricky Rigor