Mel trained both my daughters. She was excellent & gave the girls confidence to learn & understand what they were required to do throughout the lesson. She is a great asset to your Dojo.
— Stefanie Kendall

At PDK, we know that karate is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. Practicing karate can have lasting mental benefits such as reducing aggression and improving alertness. We want all our students to see what they are truly capable of and be responsible for it. Most importantly, we promote a friendly and supportive atmosphere, where teens can build friendships and a sense of community. Classes include:

  • Physical conditioning such as sprints, jumps and body weight exercises such as push ups and burpees

  • Kata (forms where students learn technique)

  • Kumite (sparring, with an emphasis on control and technique)

  • Kihon (basics, such as correct breathing technique, stance etc).

Our ‘rules of the dojo’ (dojo kun) are integrated into our classes so members know that in or out of the dojo, they can always strive to:

  • Seek perfection of character

  • Be faithful

  • Endeavour

  • Respect others

  • Refrain from violent behaviour