Testimonial: Pre-schoolers


Karate practitioners have long understood what science is now confirming: karate improves concentration and attention and this improvement lasts.

At PDK we believe teaching kids a complex sport like karate must be done in an age-appropriate way and mindful of different learning styles, abilities and needs. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, with an emphasis on fun, physical conditioning, technique development and focus.

We know that learning a complex skill like karate improves self-confidence because kids get to develop a sense of mastery.

 Kids classes include:

  • Games (dodgeball is an old favourite - even among our older kids and young at heart!)

  • Physical training like sprints and jumps

  • Sensei-guided basic fighting (kumite) - with gloves and pads to introduce basic styles

  • Sensei-guided karate forms (katas) – broken down into segments with a focus on technique.